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Many Cashing in on Chinese Drywall

Published on April 23, 2009 by

Chinese Drywall has been in the news for just a few months, but that is enough time for vendors, home inspectors, contractors, engineers, and – yes – even attorneys to come to the surface and offer drywall-related services.

Home inspectors and engineers can inspect your property and report as to whether your home has Chinese Drywall.

Contractors can repair the Chinese Drywall in your home.

Attorneys can sue your supplier, builders or help you join a class action (or, like us at Wolfe Law Group, provide a defense and representation to builders or suppliers who have installed or supplied Chinese Drywall).

In March 2009, the Palm Beach Post ran an article about one of the first Chinese Drywall related companies, Chinese Drywall Screening, L.L.C. They interviewed its founder, Howard Ehrsam, who had these remarks:

Homeowners read about it and start getting paranoid. There’s more questions than answers on this right now, which is why it’s scary for homeowners.

Ehrsam’s comments ring true even still, as press about Chinese Drywall continues to snowball.

Here at Wolfe Law Group and the Chinese Drywall Blog, we’re inundated by emails and inquiries from either:

  1. Homeowners unsure of whether they have Chinese Drywall problems, and if they do, what to do about it; or
  2. Contractors or Inspectors who offer their services to our firm in the event any of the outstanding claims proceed to litigation, or if our clients require inspection or contracting services.

Right now, it seems that businesses are lining up to address a market that hasn’t quite figured itself out yet. Homeowners are still trying to make heads or tails of the Chinese Drywall situation, and builders are waiting anxiously to see whether they will be named in lawsuits related to the materials.

We have invited vendors to publish a post here on the Chinese Drywall Blog to answer questions posed by our readers – and mostly, the questions are these: What is causing the drywall problems? How do we determine if the drywall installed is defective? What type of remedy is required?

If you think your company can answer these questions, email me and let’s arrange to have you publish a guest post on our blog.

For those non-vendor readers (including homeowners and builders), a word of caution: We’re in uncharted waters, and those claiming to be “experts” in Chinese Drywall should be examined based on their pre-Chinese Drywall experience.

Since the imported drywall situation is new, barely anyone will have years of experience to flaunt. However, it is safer to go with someone established in the home inspection field or the construction industry rather than a complete new-comer hoping to cash in on drywall claims.


Wolfe Law Group has positioned itself as a leader in legal commentary on the Chinese Drywall crisis in Louisiana. It is available to homeowners interested in bringing a direct action against its builders, and offers services to builders, suppliers and other construction professionals facing drywall claims. more...


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